Sakar Camelio 2 7" Tablet - Tablet - Android 4.3 - Google Play - Preloaded Games - HD Video - Built in WiFi - Educatio


Age Group: ChildAndroid Family TabletThe Camelio Tablet from Vivitar is the only tablet that features one-of-a-kind personality packs let kids and adults customize the Android tablet for a unique user experience that changes as the family grows. The Camellia is a full-functioning, Google-Certified Android device. Available in 4.3 inches and 7 inches sizes. Personality PacksThe Camelio is the only tablet of its kind that lets children and adults add fun new Personality Packs (each sold separately), to create their own unique user experience based on their age or interests with a wide range of licensed themes like Hot Wheels, Barbie, Monster High, Hello Kitty, and more to suit virtually any age or preference. Personality Packs include a tablet case, as well as a special code that unlocks branded content such as videos, music, books, wallpapers and widgets designed around the theme pack. Up to five users can share the device with each customized theme displayed automatically upon sign in, and Personality Packs can be changed or updated as children grow and their interests change. Built for DurabilityDesigned for the whole family to share and built for durability, the Camelio features rounded edges and textured backing with a special grippable design to make it easier for little hands to keep a secure hold, while parental controls ensure a safe user experience for children. Preloaded Apps and GamesEquipped with all of the features parents have come to expect from a family tablet-built-in Wifi, camera, HD Video, touch screen, and parental controls-the Camelio 2 also includes lots of pre-loaded content for apps, games, music, video, art and other educational tools. The Camelio 2 is the ultimate in customized functionality and fun for the entire family. The Camelio also features a 1.1GHz processor and 1GB of memory for running apps and games, as well as a 4GB flash hard drive that's expandable up to 32GB using SD cards for storage. The 7 inches screen is a 5-point capacit

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