A safer light for your pool

(5/31/2021) This is a light that I ordered to replace my existing swimming pool light. I have searched for several models and decided to go with the Poolexa 10 inch LED. It comes with 100 ft you can upgrade to the 150 foot or even longer cord if it's needed . I have checked the option of ordering a 120v led replacement light bulb but decided to swap the whole unit for the obvious saftety reason. Running a 12v light in my pool makes me feel safer. This model has several setting for different color display and convenitently comes with a 12v transformer so no additional puurchase is required. I will post the installation video link below once I am done editing the video.

Alternative Approach

If you don't want to pull the cord again which can be difficult you can open up your existing pool light housing and replace the halogen light bulb with an LED light bulb. Since you are lowering the voltage to 12 voltage you will need add a 12V transformer and rewire your exisiting cord to take the 12 V output.

Here is a Transformer that you can use

Other prodoucts in review: