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> 52905-Tony Hawk Shred - Game Only

Tony Hawk Shred - Game Only (PS3) - Pre-Owned


An all-new Tony Hawk experience created for a younger audience, Shred allows players to go big and feel the exhilaration of supersized skate and snowboarding using the game's innovative, motion-sensing board controller right at their feet. Featuring an arcade style look and feel, where the bigger the feat the better the fun, Shred is packed to the brim with larger-than-life moments and a veritable assortment of jaw-dropping tricks - enticing kids to get off the couch and into the action. Players will be on the deck mastering over-the-top tricks, massive drops, awesome grabs and super long grinds in no time. With the game's innovative motion-controller board peripheral and exciting go big gameplay, kids will be actively using their boundless energy while riding as any of Shred's pro skate and snowboarders.Board controller required to play! Get on board! Just step on the board to shred through awesome modes including Trick, Point Rush, and Challenge. Go big - Clear huge gaps, perform over-the-top tricks during massive drops, and ride out roller coaster grinds! Simple controls - Rotate, tilt, and lift the board to pull off big air and bigger tricks! All new snowboarding - Feel the rush as you speed down mountain peaks filled with breathtaking big airs, crazy spins, and incredible flips! ESRB Rating: EVERYONE

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