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Smart As - PlayStation Vita


Prove your mental might with Smart As, the ultimate brain training experience exclusively available for PlayStationVita (PS Vita). Built from the ground up for PS Vita by Climax Studios, Smart As challenges players to test their brain power with 20 unique mini-games which utilize the platform s touch screens, front and rear facing cameras and augmented reality capabilities. Smart As offers daily challenges which include Logic, Arithmetic, Language and Observation based exercises to work all of the major lobes of the brain. Equipped with a robust set of social features that foster friendly competition, Smart As allows players to track and compare their stats with their friends to see whose cerebral strength reigns supreme. Using PS Vita s 3G support, players can access the online Smart As leaderboard anytime, anywhere to defend their high scores; and they can even drop challenges for their friends via the game s NEAR functionality.20 Brain Games - Train your brain with 20 fun-filled Logic, Arithmetic, Language and Observation based mini-games Designed Exclusively for PS Vita - Play through puzzles and challenges that fully utilize PS Vita's unique set of features including the front and rear touch screens, cameras and augmented reality functionality OnlineLeaderboard - Use the online leaderboard to compare your stats to other players' from around the world NEAR Functionality - Utilize Smart As's NEAR support to drop new challenges for your friends wherever you go

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