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> 168607-CTA Pool Stick for Wii [Nintendo Wii]

CTA Pool Stick for Wii [Nintendo Wii]


Rack `em and break `em with this Pool Stick for your Nintendo Wii. Designed in the mold of a conventional pool stick, With the remote facing down, this 26.5 inch stick will give you the authentic feel of cueing it up on the pool table. The handle of the stick serves as the cradle for your Wii remote. The tip of the stick is covered with a rubber to prevent any harm in the event that someone or something is poked. It is light in weight so that it does not become taxing over a period of long playing time, which makes the game even more enjoyable for the user. With this pool stick, jumping into your game is as easy as saying, 8 ball, corner pocket.

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