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Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)


Mercury Meltdown Revolution is about precision control and timing. Set within a colorful virtual lab, you'll guide a silvery mercury blob through more than 150 levels of chemical frolic that tests your reflexes and nerve. Balance the Wii Remote in both hands as you tilt the vividly rendered world of Mercury Meltdown Revolution. Carefully creep the slippery blob through mazes, avoid mechanical obstacles, and balance on wobbly platforms that threaten to toss you into the abyss. This game will have you leaning sideways, backwards, and every which way in the hopes of nudging your blob just. a little bit. further. Or have you crying out loud as your blob lands with a sad splat on the lab floor.Full interaction using the Wii Remote tilt sensor. Advanced rendering techniques for improved graphical quality. More than 150 challenging levels. Hidden Labs and bonus features to unlock. State of the art blob physics. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE

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