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Mass Effect - Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)


Mass Effect is an epic sci-fi action RPG that places gamers at the centre of a conflict that will decide the fate of the universe. Mass Effect combines a deep story with intense, sci-fi tactical combat and an amazingly realistic and innovative conversation system. Assuming the role of an elite human Spectre agent Commander Shepard, players are entrusted with keeping galactic law and order and are charged with uncovering a terrifying truth. Faced with morally challenging decisions that will affect the future of all races, players must travel across an expansive universe to stop a threat so great it could destroy all life in the galaxy.Experience a rich and engrossing story where your choices decide the fate of galaxy. Engage in emotionally charged interactions with the most realistic digital actors ever seen in a video game, using an innovative new dialog system. Immerse yourself in an incredible new adventure from world-famous masters of the RPG: BioWare. Stunning high resolution graphics. Dominate the battlefield with new individual squad member command system. ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Language, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity, and Violence

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