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> 53015-uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition - Playstation 3

uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition - Playstation 3


Four Game Modes: Pictionary Classic preserves all the rules of the original Pictionary board game but spices it up with a sleek 3-D board, customizable game pieces, new clues, and a suite of drawing tools. Pictionary Mania adds a whole new twist! Picturists draw clues according to seven new rules including Finger Painting, Eraser Only, Lights Out and Rotation Frustration. Family Fun is an all-new mode that makes it easy for families to customize their gameplay, game length, clue categories and win conditions. Free Draw offers players a chance to brush up on their drawing skills and save their creations. Features include: hundreds of tool combinations, nine draw style types and even the option to create team banners. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE

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