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Madden 2006 (Xbox 360) - Pre-Owned


Quarterback Vision Control: Look off receivers and make heads turn with the revolutionary QB Vision Control mechanic. Each QB has a different field of vision, depending on his rating. It's now tougher to hit receivers outside the QB Vision Control. Precision Placement: Choose exactly where to throw the ball- lead the receiver across the middle or take a little off a deep pass to set up a jump-ball. Additional Passing Features: Formation Specific Audibles-different audibles for different situations; Smart Routes- receivers adjust their routes to pick up first downs or cross the goal line; Head Tracking- players now turn their heads when looking for the ball- no more blind catches. NFL Superstar Mode: This entirely new single-player mode allows you to experience the life of an NFL player by earning one of more than 60 Personas ranging from MVP to Movie Star. Features include: World Map: Navigate real NFL city maps as you visit destinations like the barber shop and tattoo parlour. Personas: Define how you live your life on and off the field. Agents: Hire your agent and watch him get movie roles and endorsements for your NFL Superstar. Create a Star: Choose your parents, fill out an NFL combine registration form, and take the IQ test. Import Players: Bring your NCAA Football Legend or NFL Street 2 player into NFL Superstar Mode to give him a head start. Deep Storyline: More options include your house, My Web, endorsements, persona-specific attributes, mini-games and events, and the web. Broadcast Presentation: Improved graphics, tons of scripted scenes, and new replays and sequences. Truck Stick Control: Deliver big hits on offense to break tackles, pancake defenders, and clear your path to the end zone. Real NFL Gameplay: All-new features include smart routes, defensive keys, and blocking assignments. Updated sound and commentary: More natural sounding commentary system, radio show improvements with new calls, and enhanced commentary from John Madden as he breaks down the gam

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