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> 99971-BOOMCO Dart Red with Blue Tip

BOOMCO Dart Red with Blue Tip


Smart Stick darts are at the heart and soul of BOOMco. The 7 dynamic colors and unique patterns offer both personal choice and handy retrieval on the battlefield. Their Smart Stick tips stick to BOOMCo. blaster shields and targets and their sleek and dynamic styling mean they perform more accurately than the competition and never jam! The darts are made of soft, flexible and durable plastic to withstand the elements without getting bent or torn as competitors' darts do. Ages 6 and older.BOOMCO Dart Red with Blue Tip: Age Range: 8Y+ Tip of every dart is made of BOOMco.'s Smart Stick material that sticks to all Smart Stick targets and blaster shields 16 Smart Stick darts in the pack Full assortment features darts packs in 5 different colors so you can recognize yours on the battlefield

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