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> 24492-LEGO City Space Moon Buggy

LEGO City Space Moon Buggy


Offer a child the thrill of exploring the lunar landscape with the Lego City Space Moon Buggy. This small set is easy and fun for kids to build, take apart and build again. The red and white six-wheeler kids' buggy is designed to travel on the rough terrain of the moon. Each wheel is wide to give the vehicle extra stability. The 37-piece set includes an astronaut in a spacesuit, a digging tool and a satellite dish. Kids can remove the astronaut from his seated position in the Lego City moon buggy and let him take big leaps across the moon's surface. Curious kids can dig up the surface to see what is underneath and collect samples for scientists back on earth. The astronaut reports his findings to earth using the satellite dish. This kids' buggy is designed for ages 5 to 12. Encourage young explorers to find moon rocks and maybe even evidence of other life.LEGO City Space Moon Buggy: Age Range: 5-12 years37 piecesIncludes astronaut in spacesuitFeatures digging tool and satellite dishDig for moon rocks with the Lego City moon buggy digging tool

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