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Yikes! Phone and Tablet Rescue Pouch


Save your electronics fromwater damageProduct InformationEveryday, thousands of phones and other electronic devices areaccidentally exposed to water, so make sure you rescue them with theYikes! Phone and Tablet Rescue. This system uses special Magic BlueBeads made from extra-strength silica gel desiccant, a product thathelps to pull humidity out of the environment. If you accidentallyexpose your phone or other devices to water damage, simply remove thecase, batteries, Sim cards, and memory cards and place inside theYikes! bag. After 12 to 48 hours, remove your device, replace thecards, charge, and chances are it;ll be good as new. Included are twobags ideal for fitting everything from a watch to a tablet. Product Features Quickly remove water from phones, tablets, gaming devices, and more Simply tear open the Yikes! Bag, remove any/all cases, batteries, Sim cards, and memory cards, then put inside the bag Drying takes 12 to 48 hours depending on the amount ofwater damage Works best on devices that have been under water for 60seconds or less Uses Magic Blue Beads made of extra-strength silica geldesiccant, a product that pulls humidity out of the environment Includes a larger bag for use with devices such as tabletsor gaming devices When drying time is done, replace batteries and cards, charge phone, and chances are your phone will be good as newIncludes Two Sealable Bags (One Small and One Large) Magic Blue Beads- SKU: XS282258

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