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The Truth


We either honor The Truth, or we don't. We either always teach The Truth to our children, or we don't. Their very survival depends on them knowing, and all freely speaking The Truth; that either matters, or it doesn't. We either follow the other ninety nine percent of all the species that came before us here into extinction, or we don't. We either allow our Ape testosterone, adrenalin and juvenile egomaniacal delusions of "eternal" grandeur to control our species' destiny, or we don't. Insisting that Empirical Evidence based self-awareness derived empathetic Dignity and Reason guide it instead. Humane Sapients are Truth honoring, self-aware Big Brained Apes who have transcended the limitations of our Simian heritage to a higher Rational state of empathetic Dignity and Reason by courageously embracing The Truth of Evolution. Only through education, never through force, may we all some day become subjectively aware of The One Objective Truth. But until we all do, our species will never see lasting Peace and Justice on this planet; as we cannot murder our way to Reason. For all our children's children, will you join us?

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