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> 74076-The Next 10 Amendments: In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

The Next 10 Amendments: In Order to Form a More Perfect Union


The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, famously known as the Bill of Rights, elevated the document to the most inspired and valuable statement of human rights in human history, placed important curbs on the power of Federal government and put the recently independent United States of America on an unequaled path of liberty and opportunity that has served its citizens well for over two centuries. The Next 10 Amendments paints a picture of what a modern great nation and an empowered citizenry look like going forward for the next 200 years. Constitutional naysayers often proclaim with such moral superiority "The Founders never imagined this or that advancement or such and such technology," as if that's support for the position the document no longer matters. What the Founders did understand is that future generations would be the only ones qualified to reshape the Constitution and thus the foundation of the country - hence the amendment process. The Next 10 Amendments not only calls for in vivid detail a nationwide Citizen Constitutional Congress, but also it reveals its inner workings in a way that transports the reader into the room in the center of the action. Before you know it, you'll be rooting for Bob Berendzen, a skeptical and passionate, Every-man patriot as he navigates territory unseen since the late 18th century. No powdered wig or sock garter required. Just show up with your thinking cap, your sacred honor and smartphone or wifi-enabled tablet computer if you wish to fully participate in the re-birth sure to set the new standard for modern nations the world over. The Founders set the stage for the first two centuries. The rest is up to us.

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