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A Creative Toolkit of Meditations


A Creative Toolkit of Meditations has twenty meditations that assist you in mastering the two styles of meditation: inquiry and mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation subdues our monkey-mind thoughts. Inquiry meditation asks Inner Silence for an answer to painful relationship and work issues. A Creative Toolkit of Meditations provides a deep understanding of our underlying cultural conditioning and introduces an innovative approach to using meditation to reduce emotional stress and achieve self-realization. Bill Blake's A Creative Toolkit of Meditations is a superb read. His distant family member, the poet and artist William Blake, wrote a phrase that describes Bill's book: "Energy is eternal delight." Dr. Stephen Kierulff, clinical psychologist and author of (with Stanley Krippner) of Becoming Psychic In his classes using his book, Bill's extraordinary method of making meditation highly accessible is truly miraculous. I can honestly say it did change my life I now can call myself a meditator, when all other attempts made over decades had fallen short. Amy Lacombe, artist and designer of arts and crafts Bill's book and classes have offered me a toolbox of rewarding ways to relax my monkey mind. These meditations have helped me get through some stressful times. I now have a rich daily practice. Diane Monteith, retired educator This book provides you with tools to achieve the following objectives: Increase conscious awareness of your surroundings Recognize and experience yourself as consciousness/energy Effectively communicate with others Connect mind and body Identify healthy and unhealthy emotions Probe and manage your deep-seated, childhood-based beliefs Experience and then release anger improve relationships

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