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Modern Mathematics for Community Elementary Schools (Grade 5): Teacher's Edition


This Teacher's Edition embodies the full text of "Modern Mathematics for Community Elementary Schools (Grade 5)" and its accompanying workbook for solving featured problems "Solutions to Problems and Exercises: A Workbook (Grade 5)". The book is divided into two parts: Part I and Part II. Part I is dedicated to the former, while Part II handles the later. Each part comprises of five chapters. The book is designed as a special teaching aid and reference material to guide the teacher and make the teaching process more comfortable, efficient, and productive. This Teacher's Edition also could help pupils with inadequate background or poorer preparation in overcoming their difficulties and skill deficiency in mathematics and to foster an interest in the subject at the formative stage in the learning process. It gives a complete coverage of arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponentiation) and their properties, with the primary aim to build a solid foundation on which 5th grade pupils can acquire the aptitude and preparation required to successfully continue the study of mathematics in upper classes. With the said aim in mind, "Modern Mathematics for Community Elementary Schools (Grade 5): Teacher's Edition" has a clear focus on the fundamental concepts of rational and natural numbers, the order of arithmetic operations, signs of divisibility, place value in the writing and reading of numbers, Roman numerals and number bases, as well as the rounding off of natural numbers. The final topics in chapter one feature introduction to geometric concepts, coordinate straight line, modules of numbers, and rectangular system of coordinates. Chapter two explores, amongst other basics, exponents and coefficients, basic properties of equation, angles and polygons, classification of triangles, including expressions, equations and inequalities, and some examples on reading problems. Chapter three deals with associative and distributive propertie

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