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The Supreme Court Explained


The Supreme Court Explained is the only book to get at the basics of the Court - what Ellen Greenberg terms the process, the stage, the players, the script, and the rules - in brief and accessible fashion. She tracks the flow of a case through the Court. She defines the tricky legal terms. She reminds the reader that we have the right of appeal to the Supreme Court - if the case is within its jurisdiction - as long as we follow the rules. She shows how to use the Internet to keep up with the latest decisions. In addition, the reader will be able to find quickly a list of all justices (and those who were turned down) past and present, the presidents who appointed them, and, uniquely, the party in majority when they were approved. Decisions that changed the course of history are referenced by twenty-two landmark cases. Appendices include an overview of the federal court system and the recently announced forty-eight rules of the Supreme Court.

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