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Sat* Vocab 800


SAT(r) Vocab 800: making SAT vocabulary acquisition effective and engaging 1. SAT Vocab 800 contains 800 of the most common words used in the SAT Critical Reading section. It doesn't, however, merely list the words and force the student to devise ways to memorize them. Each of its 40 chapters is divided into 2 lessons of 10 words-a perfect sum to absorb and review in one sitting. The lessons have a pre-test, definitions containing the primary and secondary meanings of the word, and 3 reinforcement activities. At the end of each chapter is a final exam along with a fill-in-the-blank essay. Contents of Each Chapter Pretest (Words 1-10) Definitions Sentence Completion Quick Vocabulary Quiz Mid-Term Examination (Words 1-10) Pretest (Words 11-20) Definitions Sentence Completion Quick Vocabulary Quiz Final Examination Themed Essay (fill-in blanks) 2. SAT Vocab 800 can serve as the foundation for an ideal SAT vocabulary course, whose lessons can be spread over a twenty-week period. A teacher's key with complete answers to the lessons and extra exercises for each lesson is available separately. 3.To make vocabulary learning more engaging, each chapter contains numerous pictures and a final essay written around an historical, geographical, or biographical theme. The essay at the end of each chapter can also be used as an example in the SAT Writing section essay. Chapter Themes: 1. The American Revolution 2. The Berlin Wall 3. The Bubonic Plague 4. The Transcontinental Railroad 5. Prohibition 6. Rasputin 7. The Battle of Britain 8. Vincent van Gogh 9. Roman Empire 10. The Eiffel Tower 11. Construction of the Panama Canal 12. Discovery of Penicillin 13. Irish Potato Famine 14. The Niagara River 15. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 16. The French Revolution 17. The Printing Press 18. Denmark Saved is Jewish Population (WWII) 19. Spanish Armada 20. Titanic 21. The Industrial Revolution 22. The Golden Gate Bridge 23. Nelson Mandela 24. Norman Borlaug 25. The Statue of Liberty"

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