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The Schnauzer Handbook


Getting a dog is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. If you already own a Schnauzer or are thinking of getting one of these striking dogs, then the new Schnauzer Handbook is the only book you'll ever need. Covering Miniature, Standard & Giant Schnauzers, this unique 263-page manual is packed full of invaluable information & insight into the three breeds. Author Linda Whitwam runs leading Schnauzer website www. The Handbook is completely unique; there simply is nothing else with so much practical information dedicated to all three types of Schnauzer. Written in an easy-to-read style suitable for anybody aged 10 to 100, it features over 300 black-and-white images & the experience of canine experts, championship breeders & Schnauzer owners. The book provides answers to the questions most frequently asked by Schnauzer owners: How to pick a puppy with the right temperament How much & how often to feed a Schnauzer Schnauzers' suitability for allergy sufferers Why your Miniature Schnauzer is scratching - & some remedies How much exercise your Schnauzer needs What to do when you first bring a new puppy home Where to find a rescue Schnauzer How long you can leave your Schnauzer alone for How to start simple training How often to bathe & groom your Schnauzer Why your Schnauzer's coat is changing color Typical temperaments of the three different types of Schnauzer Whether & when to spay or neuter What to feed a Schnauzer with allergies The answers to these & dozens of other questions are all are at your fingertips in The Schnauzer Handbook. The book contains tips, feeding charts & health advice to help you & your Schnauzer enjoy a happy and healthy life together, such as: Top 13 Tips for Feeding Your Schnauzer Top 12 Tips for Selecting a Healthy Puppy Top 10 Tips for Working Schnauzer Owners Top 12 Tips for Training Your Schnauzer There's feeding charts for puppies, adults & seniors, info on behavior, character traits, white & colored Mi

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