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> 66717-ESL Curriculum: ESL Module 3 Part 2 Intermediate Workbook

ESL Curriculum: ESL Module 3 Part 2 Intermediate Workbook


Module 3 Part 2 Workbook: ESL curriculum for INTERMEDIATE STUDENTSSecond EditionESL Curriculum is a publication of "Learning English with Laughter's Teen-Adult Series". There are four Modules in this series. This Workbook is part of a series of the three books, Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide that comprise Module 3 Part 2. It is intended for English second language beginners aged 13 years and older. This Workbook has 62 pages for 20 lessons. It provides practice of all concepts taught in the Student Reader and includes an 8 page glossary of the 273 words introduced in the new vocabulary. There are spaces for student's notes. THE STUDENTS DO THE WRITTEN WORK IN THIS WORKBOOK. Many of the exercises and activities will be incomplete if bought without the complete series - Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide. All answers, tests and extra activities for photocopying are in the Teacher's Guide. Throughout this Workbook the students participate in many written and oral activities: - Writing sentence answers- Match the meaning vocabulary exercises- Labeling furniture- Listing and organizing items- Choosing a location for your house- Finding the right person to share your house- Using verb tenses- Brainstorming- Completing sentences- Small groups - describing pictures- Completing role-plays- Completing phone conversations- Writing text messages on your smart phone- Writing conditional sentences- Verbs followed by infinitives- Writing "Helping a friend" role-play- Completing a paragraph using the correct verb tenses- Word bingo- Writing role-play- Crossword Puzzles- Small group activities- Writing a paragraph- Small group planning for writing a paragraph- Making comparisons- Using the past and past perfect tenses- Space station activity- Word Bingo- Using "but" and "because"- Completing a paragraph- Joining sentences- Using joining words- Small group - writing a dialogue- Phrasal verbs - picture activity- Writing a dialogue- A joke- Listening, reading alo

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