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The Top 200 Personality Idioms


For a closer look go to: "" This is the perfect supplemental book to add real world English to your EFL conversation and writing class. It can also be used for self-study because it is also a Dictionary of American Personality. There are 200 American idioms grouped into 100 pairs of personality opposites. For example: "morning person" - "evening person," "joiner" - "loner," "idea person "- "detail person, "and" party animal - party pooper." Each one of these idioms clearly defines a personality type in one or two words. Every idiom has a definition and several example sentences. After every 10 idiom pairs there is a review section, which includes antonym exercises and sentence practice. There's also an example dialog with an MP3 downloadable audio file available online. "The Top 200 Personality Idioms" can be passively read like an article on American pop culture or you can use the book and audio files to actively improve your reading, writing, listening and pronunciation.

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