Thursday, June 8, 2023


It is this webmaster's desire and goal to build an easy to use shop comparison site that fits most users for all occasions. The webmaster will dedicate a large portion of development time to deal with the speed of product search and page loading across all devices. The webmaster will continue to add unlimited number of products that covers all areas on top of providing a good shopping exprience and informational review for applcable products. On this website,, we will review all categories of products. On the focus will mainly be on the computers, consumer electronics and home appliances. The shopping page willl be combined with the blog and/or vlog that is currently under development. Once completed our site will allow anyone to host an area in the blog area. Initially the site's data is provided by affilate marketing networks. We do make a small profit on each purchase but does not increase user's final purchase prize.

Latest Developemnt

All blog area are currently disabled. We will gradually open each blog per product category area. Stay tuned!

Posted by webmaster on 10/19/2020

User product ranking will be enabled soon. Current design is to allowed on one vote per IP if user is not logged in.

Posted by webmaster on 10/20/2020

User Registration and Log In will be enabled soon. Please check for availability of Log In link in navigation when available.

Posted by webmaster on 10/20/2020

Latest coupon should be available soon. Please check coupon links when they are available.

Posted by webmaster on 10/21/2020
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